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Ethiopia sees surge of tourists from Luxembourg Featured

By Business & Economy / Monday, 26 March 2018 15:18

Ethiopia is witnessing a surge in tourist arrivals from Luxembourg. The country’s ambassador  to the Benelux countries, Teshome Toga, declared this to Afrika247 at the recent Luxembourg Travel and Tourism Fair.

“We are here at the Lux Expo, exhibiting some of Ethiopia’s sites and destinations. We have been here for the past three expos, and we have witnessed an increasing flow of tourists from Luxembourg and the surrounding areas into Ethiopia”, the ambassador said. 
Since 2013, Ethiopia has been bullish on the tourism sector, marketing itself abroad and developing tourism infrastructure at home. And the results have been kicking in. 
The European Council on Tourism and Trade rated Ethiopia the world’s best destination for tourists in 2015. An estimated one million tourists visited Ethiopia in 2017, and the authorities there are still pushing for more. 

“Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in Africa. It has rich tourist destinations and attractions, including historical and natural sites”, Ambassador Toga told Afrika247 at the fair.
Ethiopia had seen the rise and fall of ancient kingdoms and their legacies are still there at various sites. These include palaces, tombs and forts, among which are the obelix at Axum, and the Gondar citadel.

Ethiopia’s medieval Christian kingdoms left behind some astonishing relics like monasteries and churches hewn entirely out of rocks. This includes the wonder stone church at Lalibella which stands several stories high. 

Nine of these ancient relics have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Besides the historic relics, Ethiopia’s geography provides its own attraction for tourists. It has natural parks which harbour great wildlife diversity. Its physical geography features eroded plateaux that have just picturesque jagged peaks and great valleys left behind. There is also the Danakil desert which attracts its own type of adventurers.

A livewire to the Ethiopian tourism industry is the national airlines, Ethiopian Airlines. It is one of the world’s very successful airlines, with scheduled flights to all continents of the world from where it ferries tourists in. While much of Africa has depended on natural resources for income, this airline has been a major revenue earner for Ethiopia since its establishment some 71 years ago.
Ethiopian Airlines commitment to the nation’s tourism sector date back decades ago. Its advertisement in the early 1950s, marketed Ethiopia as the “newest travel adventure”. But it was a shot in the wild then, which could call on only die-hard adventurers, as the country had no tourism infrastructures to support the demands of the industry – airports, roads, hotels, restaurants etc.
Since 2013, the government has committed itself to providing these infrastructures and targeting tourism as a major source of the nation’s gross domestic product.


Ojukwu-Enendu Okwudili

Ojukwu-Enendu Okwudili


Ethiopia Sees Surge of Tourists from Luxembourg Afrika247tv
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