”A Corner of the Dark Sky”,   by Djingarey Abdoulaye Maïga ”A Corner of the Dark Sky”, by Djingarey Abdoulaye Maïga VoiceNiger

"A Corner of the Dark Sky”, by Djingarey Abdoulaye Maïga Featured

Entertainment / Sunday, 11 March 2018 01:43

“A Corner in the Sky” is  Djingarey Abdoulaye Maïga  ninth film that was premiered a few months ago, in the Nigerien capital city, Niamey, and has since then received raving reviews. The 2017 release movie is listed for presentation in a number of international film festivals.  The 90 minutes long feature film of is focused on the rejection of albinism in many African societies. Albinism is genetic condition defined an absence of pigmentation of the skin, hair, and eyes.
The movie took over a year to record and edit was privately screened late year at  Mr. Maïga home in Niamey.   The audience included  the film's film crew, and a few guests. 

Tanko, the protagonist of Mr.  Maïga’s 9th film, is a young lawyer who meets Katy an albino girl, a student in a high school. Katy is determined to finish her education despite her humble background.   After their chance meeting, Tanko takes over the funding of her education, and eventually decides to marry her. Hell was let loose when his family got wind of his intention.  While his position won his dad over, his mum was implacable.

 The 78 years old Djingarey Maïga says he was “  touched by some stories he heard  on difficulties faced by female albinos on difficulties they face in getting married”, which informed his interviews with Zeynabou Seydou, a member the Albino association of  Niger Republic. She challenged him to make a film on the plight of Albinos and volunteered to participate in the project. He tok up her challenge, and the rest is history. She played the role of  Katy.  Zeynabou Seydou starred alongside  Beidari Yacouba  (Tanko),   an established name in Niger Republic’s movie establishment.  



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