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Carthage Cement - Will Export 700,000 tonnes of clinker to African Countries Featured

News Reports / Friday, 09 February 2018 03:15

Tunisia will not be left behind by Morocco, in the race for closer trade cooperation and expansive commercial ties between the Maghreb and sub Sahara African countries.  The growing acceptance of primary and semi processed commodities exports from Africa, in sub Saharan African markets holds a lot of promise for companies based in the continent.   Moroccan companies have acquired a better understanding than anyone else, of this emerging reality,  with hundreds of million dollars deals struck between Moroccan business concerns and counterparts in several sub Saharan African countries.  Sub Sahara Africa demand for phosphate, a commodity produced and processed  in excessive quantity in Maghrebian Africa,  fuels the growth in trade economic relations between the Maghreb and sub Saharan African econmoies.  Limestone processed into clinker may become another valuable product whose trade will strenghten cooperation between actors in various national markets in Africa.   In the light of this understanding, the marketing and sales policy of Tunisia’s  Carthage Cement was reoriented towards Africa and the end of 2017.

The company’s 'Africa first' policy has yielded dividends already. The policy appears to have been necessitated by a woeful 2017 financial year, during which a 12% drop in turnover, caused by an over 17% drop in production and 80% fall in in exports was witnbessed. Promotion of the company’s product in sub Sahara Africa was almost instantly rewarded.  Currently, Carthage Cement is processing orders for the supply of 350,000 tonnes of clinker from 'newly found friends' in Sub Sahara Africa. This represents the needs of the company's new friends in the continent in the first 6 months of 2018.  Demand for the commany's portland cement is expected to increase.

Brahim Sanaa, CEO of Carthage Cement disclosed that the a vessel with 38,000 tonnes of clinker bound for sub Sahara Africa, departed the North African country  on 1 February. A second and third cargo shipment heading towards the same route, left the shores of Tunisia on February 10 and 25. 
Over the years, Carthage Cement company. According to Mr. Sanaa, "We have lost our two main markets: Libya and Algeria," he said, recalling that cement exports to Algeria fell by 1.8 million tonnes in 2015 to just 100 thousand tons in 2017.” Questioned on the company’s ability to to redeem what seems a difficult financial position, the  Carthage Cement expressed confidence in the fact that new markets in Africa will buoy finances of the company, such that  the balance of 172 million EUR owed investors at the close of 2017, “Will be one hundred percent redeemed in 2018”. In his words, “ with the new development, my expectation is that recovery will be swift.”



Brahim Sanaa évoque la situation financière de Carthage Cement African Manager
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