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Macron Visits "New African Shrine" Featured

By News Reports / Tuesday, 03 July 2018 09:27

As part of his official visit to Nigeria, French President, Emmanuel Macron is expected at the "New African Shrine", Ikeja Lagos on Tuesday, July 3rd. At the African Shrine, Emmanuel Macron will be received by Femi, son of Fela Kuti, the legendary proponent of Afrobeat worldwide and feted to a session of Afrobeat vibes.

Perhaps unknown to many people, this would neither be Mr. Macron´s first visit to "the Shrine", nor his first Afrobeat experience. The French president´s first visited "the Shrine" Ikeja, at its old location in Pepple Street Ikeja. He was then a 23 year old student on six months internship with  Ambassade de France, Abuja in 2002, under the benevolent guidance of Jean-Marc Simon, French Ambassador to Nigeria. The curious and exceptionally brilliant student of French elitist  École Nationale d'administration (ENA), Paris observed with profound attention, the various sources of Nigeria´s endearing influence on African and world affairs.

The "place of Africa", was always of primary interest in Emmanuel Macron´s worldview. But of the 195 countries on earth, his choice of Nigeria, as a country for internship spoke volumes of the country´s value and position in his worldview. In course of his 6 months stay in Nigeria, a country that to many is as unique as an entire continent for the vibrancy of colors it connotes, in terms of diversity of cultures, Emmanuel Macron´s convictions assumed a defined form.

Black Africa for the young Macron was to be engaged directly, in a spirit of proactive respect, healthy exchange of business ideas and ambitious friendliness. The dynamism of its cultures, the energies of its people, especially the youths, makes the continent the place to be, business and otherwise, in the immediate future. The responsibility of the world is to assist Africa to achieve its potentials, for the benefit of humankind.

These convictions remain a cornerstone of Emmanuel Macron´s presidency, having been elected president of the French Republic in 2017, at the tender age of 39. Macron´s long-term policy vision for Africa is to put an end to a habit formed during the colonial era, aimed at maintaining the country´s business interests through political and business networks forged between France and many ex-francophone colonial African countries. The "Francafrique" mindset evolved away from the French foreign ministry - Quai d'Orsay, and is directly administered in Élysée Palace, the seat of government.

Aurélien Lechevallier, i.e.," the Macron Boy" and Jules-Armand Aniambossou Mines, friends he had shared views and experiences with on Africa as a student in ENA were handpicked to assist in redesigning French policy towards Africa. A tough assignment with success unassured, given the pervasive influence of Francafrique policy and its beneficiaries. Expanding relations with Nigeria, a territory not viewed in complimentary terms to French political and economic interests in Africa has been chosen as a location to launch the new policy.

What better way to directly engage Africa on terms defined by its potentials, unencumbered by preconditions of the colonial mindset, than to begin in Femi´s "New Shrine", Lagos, Nigeria.  
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David Danisa

David Danisa



Mon séjour au Nigéria, à 23 ans, a changé ma vision de l’Afrique et de sa jeunesse @EmmanuelMacron
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