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Reporter's Diary / Sunday, 11 March 2018 02:23

Nodjiré Ngartel latest book, "The Tragedy of the Unemployed Graduate,” addresses condition of life among Chad’s unemployed graduates. A recent phenomenon in a country that  until recently managed to retain a balance between availability of trained manpower and employment opportunities, Nodjiré Ngartel in his book examines what today is a social trend in Chad. Uncertainties associated with a social status that depicts some form of life in purgatory is laid bare from a tragic perspective in "The Tragedy of the Unemployed Graduate.”

The book weaves through  many emotions of the youth searching for  paid job with reasonable monthly pay check. From enthusiasm to hope, concern of parents, affectation  of   "preacher man", to dissipation of  promises once conjured by  a university certificate on graduation day. Since “the public service will not hire everyone,  entrepreneurship could be a realistic option” suggests Nodjiré Ngartel, author of the book. An option that in itself may not be as realistic as implied.

By Nodjiré Ngartel
Theme: Company News / News
Format: Roman (134x204)
Number of pages: 70
Published by Edilivre Editions
Publication date: 22/12/2017
ISBN: 9782414118458

Biography of Nodjiré Ngartel
Born on December 28, 1986 in Bédjondo, Nodjiré Ngartel is the youngest of a family of three boys. He completed his elementary studies at the Associated Catholic School of Bédjondo before completing secondary education at Lycée-Collège Saint Charles Lwanga in Sarh, a Jesuit school where he obtained his literary baccalaureate. He is, among others, a graduate in management sciences, Master Professional in Marketing obtained at IAE-Poitier. He also holds an MBA specializing in Strategy and Marketing at the École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur in Paris (ESCE-Paris).


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