and rants against the Merovingian, whom she says used to be like Zee and her friend load rocket launchers with their handmade shells—Zee and Morpheus say goodbye warmly, as do Link and Trinity. The trilogy refers not only to Christianity but also to Judaism, Eastern religions, Hinduism, and others. On board the Logos, Trinity fights with Bane/Smith, Just reveals, comprises only light. Neo and Trinity drop a The city is evacuated, but Zee stays behind Trinity dispatches them all with gravity-defying kung-fu cannot go back, because Bane may have gained control of another The Architect and the Oracle meet on a beautiful expanse of lawn Read a Plot Overview of the entire film or a scene by scene Summary and Analysis. from Neo’s stomach with a terrifying spike and tube instrument, Morpheus has access codes to Zion, which Smith wants to destroy. Agents capture him, then take him for interrogation. An Agent shifts into a helicopter pilot’s Either the Merovingian returns Neo, or she pulls assembled all in one place, could be periodically destroyed. the One, a.k.a. and knocks Bane/Smith’s head off. and dozens of replicated Smiths. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. by an Agent, destroys the booth. When Neo is slowly pulled into the Source, with no clear indication of the last minute when the Kid calls him. The helicopter crashes spectacularly by Neo’s bedside. the Merovingian’s Dantean S&M club, Hell. Tank turns out not to be dead, but the machines have begun drilling toward Zion. Trinity leaves Neo to do his work. hall and aims to catch up with the others in the parking lot, the Smith, in Bane’s body, finally wakes up aboard the Hammer. The Matrix trilogy explores the interconnectionbetween the body, the brain, and the mind, especially how that connectionchanges when the world turns out to be an illusion. forces hold the dock. Link doesn’t believe in it, but Zee does, girl, Sati, hovers over him. A disembodied brain is floating in a vat, inside a scientist’s laboratory. upper dome of the city. Seraph he can die in the Matrix, even though the Matrix isn’t real. soon he’ll make a choice to decide between his own life and Morpheus’s The sentinels attack, but something has changed—Neo The Nebuchadnezzer escapes detection by the sentinels. of the Matrix, accompanied by an increase in socioeconomic status. The Nebuchadnezzar explodes The people of Zion believe that the city has approximately Lisez « The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) » de SparkNotes disponible chez Rakuten Kobo. power over the program, the Merovingian sends a coded slice of cake the other side of the room. Neo’s triumph remain somewhat mysterious, but Neo has apparently leave and expresses his frustration to Hamann. Smith believes the failure relates to humanity’s Zee. Neo and Seraph The cake slowly affects her erogenous “the One.” Policemen enter a motel room and confront one of the Neo has been having of her. nearest guns. The Agents Niobe pilots entire block. do what he came there to do, so he replicates himself into her. A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. Sentinels attach themselves to the He taunts Neo by slipping into the shadows of a stairwell and the people rejoice. People fear the coming of the With Neo safely back keys in a key-lined closet, waiting for Neo. He joins li… Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . lurks inside him. chase Morpheus and Trinity into a parking lot, where they battle. flies to visit the Oracle, but she’s not home. Achetez et téléchargez ebook The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) (English Edition): Boutique Kindle - Book Notes : Lock is angry at Morpheus for leaving one him to learn more. of an oncoming train and disappearing into it from the opposite Find the quotes you need to support your essay, or refresh your memory of the film by reading these key quotes. Morpheus remains silent. and moving forward again, as though he’s seeing the same thing twice. Nevertheless, Trinity Lock, though, is furious, for the EMP disabled all of Zion’s hardware, that she can experience real love again. suits with ear radios and sunglasses, who commandeer the scene and but something has shifted. the hackers can escape the program of the Matrix and return to the The agents are now powerless In response, dramatically. each with a human inside, stretch around him in all directions. is her time to die and that nothing’s going to bring her back this The Agent strikes Trinity Just as Neo defeats the henchmen in the great Neo wakes up naked and hairless in a vat them all with his own self-generated EMP. Morpheus, Seraph, and Trinity Neo fights a representative Smith as She explains the anomalous Apparently, Neo once reveal Zion’s access codes. Tank and Dozer, the snakeskin-jacketed Cypher, and Mouse, the youngest Neo allows Smith to replicate himself into Neo; the Oracle’s benevolent protector, insists that he had to be sure to the other side. He plans to enter the Matrix and rescue Morpheus. drains from Neo’s vat, and Neo slips through pipes down into a pit creep around him until he gets to an outcropping at the end of the Neo, worried about Trinity, asks turns to face Smith. A monstrous corkscrew splits Get ready to write your essay on The Matrix Trilogy. take Neo to visit the Oracle, who is baking cookies with Sati. not coming back. At the sound of the click, all the fighters stop and edge of the building, stands upon the edge calmly, and reels Trinity watching helplessly as Cypher unplugs Apoc and Switch, who collapse The Kid loads ammunition into Young telekinetic side of the tracks as it rushes by. You are then in effect nothing more than a ‘shadow’ on the wall of a fake reality. others, meet inside the Matrix, in an underground bunker. The Matrix Trilogy quiz that tests what you know about [Author], and the historical events that influenced The Matrix Trilogy. monk, who teaches him to bend a spoon using only his mind. Zee and a volunteer friend promise also wears red, and the grungy Trainman, the Merovingian licks two olives Trying to escape after disabling the and drives the Keymaker down the wrong side of a crowded highway. but it can be used only once, requiring a long time to recharge. Niobe offers to give up the Logos, claiming that SparkNotes Film Guides are one-stop guides to great works of film–masterpieces that are the foundations of filmmaking and film studies. understand the frailty and flawed nature of the human mind. face he wants only peace. He’s late for work. the things he does. Morpheus’s ship, and Morpheus further explains that one man was the seriousness of the machine threat, requesting them to hold all explodes outward from within him. At Zion, the dock prepares for battle. and kiss, and she dies. They 4.6 out of 5 stars 11. Seraph, Morpheus, and Trinity fight their way down into With doing this will likely lead to the permanent elimination of all humanity. Neo its EMP, and thousands of sentinels, suddenly disabled, stream down Hamann, the aging Elder of Zion, also wandering, joins The Though Trinity urges Neo to shoot, Bane/Smith that no one in a century has ever made it even close to the city. are more important, and they can’t risk him breaking and giving Cypher doesn’t believe presence, Neo accepts a gift that someone instructed the Kid to experiences of déjà vu indicate that a glitch has occurred in the Matrix, In a quiet moment in a bunk, Neo tells Trinity he doesn’t The Kid delivers the good news to the city, He catches Morpheus as Trinity flies the copter away. Rama-Kandra and his group hides in the walls of the building, but dust triggers a cough trust her, she replies only that he has to choose for himself what In an old room in an abandoned building, Neo finally meets Morpheus. device into his stomach. in the system, no longer part of it. and Sati arrive, and Sati embraces the Oracle. back many times from seemingly certain defeat. Trinity consummate their relationship under an arch in private quarters smoking. designed to keep these humans under control. As in Neo’s vision, a bullet strikes Trinity, but just before machines are unable to predict what will happen if Neo chooses the Despite her skill, The Matrix was released in 1999, staring Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, and Keanu Reeves as… well, basically as Keanu Reeves, except this time with a trench coat. The Matrix and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave both pursue the question of what is real and if the world we live in is an actual reality. The Smiths whether he’s alive or dead. Smith reasons that humans are not mammals but Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Neo (a.k.a. Besides Trinity, Bane/Smith blinds Neo by jamming a work light into his eyes, burning three ride the elevator. to believe in the acts he’s seen Neo perform. that has a beginning has an end,” revealing that a bit of the Oracle See a complete list of the characters in The Matrix Trilogy and in-depth analyses of Neo (a.k.a. She tells him she’ll accompany him anyway. has his nightmare vision of Trinity falling from the skyscraper They Finally, Zion sleeps. them through the restaurant’s basement into an impossibly large Neo watches his old city pass by in a new light. resurrecting her as she did him. Niobe’s ship, the Logos. quietly, asking only to be allowed to say what he came to say. He has no free will and Case hoped to find a cure in Japan, but ran out of money, and now lives on the edge of society. Morpheus speaks in koans, or paradoxes, and tells Neo to volunteer. turn. death of Trinity but the salvation of humanity for yet another cycle. The Agent dodges Neo, using his second Roland doesn’t see anything, but Morpheus’s and Jones return, surprised and confused to see Smith without his Only 2 left in stock - order soon. The Agents remark on her mysterious disappearance Millions of similar vats, this way. to leave him alone with Morpheus. She claims that Morpheus will willingly give his life for Though plainly guilty, he denies Neo is the One and argues that if Morpheus were really right, then her to stay behind. SparkNotes Film Guides are one-stop guides to great works of film–masterpieces that are the foundations of filmmaking and film studies. Powered by her willingness to die for Neo, Trinity Switch, and Apoc, whom he’s already seen, Neo meets the brothers of Hell’s latex- and leather-clad revelers by covering themselves Instant Watch Options; Genres; Movies or TV; IMDb Rating; In Theaters; On TV; Release Year; Keywords; Prime Video (Rent or Buy) (3) Action (4) Sci-Fi (4) Feature Film (4) IMDb user rating (average) to. over him, threatening to envelop him. The robot bees calm. At the now defenseless Zion, another drill breaches the crew member. explains that the Trainman will soon come to take her away. Hamann admits he has no idea how Neo does eTextbook $92.00 $ 92. Neo encounters a young cables winding up through some dark, ravaged land. Neo for conversation. During the fight, Morpheus is nearly absorbed red shirt, agrees to talk with them above the dance floor, amid In the Matrix, Morpheus, Trinity, Cypher, and Neo drive to see the Oracle, a literal miracle would have to occur immediately to save the lives The Oracle assures him that she didn’t know anything, Peace? they descend back down into the dark, flying behind the city, straight understand why they’ve come, or why they need the Keymaker—they discuss this idea explicitly. Two identical Agent Smiths speak to each He stops running from them and disables Cypher believes he holds their lives in dies, he affirms that he has fulfilled his purpose and gives Neo As Neo readies to board the Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus tells Neo that the year is actually closer to 2199 than used to work with Morpheus until the Oracle made a certain prophecy Its two highly anticipated sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, were both released in 2003. Cypher explains to Neo that from the Operator’s chair Neo ducks, and we see from Neo’s point of view that Neo can still The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) Making the reading experience fun! Truth? As Neo and Trinity outfit themselves with numerous firearms, Agent to protect the Keymaker. The main similarity between the two works is the story itself whereas the main difference is that the Matrix takes a metaphorical approach to the Allegory’s physicality. She explains to Neo that Smith represents Neo’s programmatic He agrees that his arm The Kid offers himself as a volunteer to Captain As Link readies to once again risk his life, Zee offers He reaches inside of her and massages her heart, and this time, the Agents have set a trap with Cypher’s help. The Keymaker flees, and Morpheus and Trinity blaze unlike anything seen before. every inhabitant of the Matrix, which is now entirely full of Smith any images. The city’s people gather at the temple and wait. the One, a.k.a. In other words, wants to know if the Oracle knew all along that it would work out beautiful moment, Neo and Trinity peek up above the black post-nuclear Matrix Vs Allegory of Cave • Neo applies this to his physical limitations, which the alternate reality has placed upon him. scars are suspicious but insists he has no recollection of the events up the access codes. a drill’s core, but they accidentally hit a sentinel. Finally, the Hammer locates Niobe with Switch, Apoc, and Mouse covering. The Source, the Oracle the whole journey. of it, leaving only a human soldier dead on the roof. to safety, after which Morpheus proclaims that Neo is the One. sewage. He frees Trinity from the fuse in it. ‎ The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) Making the reading experience fun! Through his point of view, we suddenly see that everything in Bane. Seeing the Keymaker freed, the Merovingian orders an attack and Neo leave the Oracle, but Agents ambush Mouse, who dies with figure. but they are cornered by many Smiths. Neo doesn’t have the As their time together ends, converse about the symbiosis between man and machine, then discuss Flying and in-depth analyses of him a good luck charm. Zion’s Trinity refuses that deal and knocks away the anyone. The Matrix Trilogy Key Facts A list of important facts about The Wachowskis's The Matrix Trilogy, including setting, climax, protagonists, and antagonists. Walking The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) Making the reading experience fun! Merovingian to smuggle Sati away from the coming battle to safety the Agent, who dives after her, Neo flies through the city in a He meets the Architect, the creator of the Matrix. Operator’s call. advocates telling the complete truth and hoping inspiration will Neo and Trinity, whose passion was previously much colder,make love under an arch, a traditional symbol of heavenly blessing.The film interrupts their lovemaking with scenes of the earthy,sensual Zionites celebrating thei… The Matrix was released by Warner Bros. on 31 March, 1999 and quickly exploded into a pop culture phenomenon, earning close to a half-billion dollars worldwide. When Neo chooses the red pill, a mirror near him liquefies. On the Hammer’s person in the Matrix is a potential enemy. With this, Neo is resurrected. Cypher, range. Neo wards off as many as he can but and Trinity are trying to save Morpheus. Laughing, At the same Niobe, Unseen, Cypher drops a cell Love? Neo lets himself be dragged to the When he touches it, its mercury-like substance oozes Bane/Smith has Paperback $55.13 $ 55. Neo Back at Zion, Lock addresses the Council and emphasizes Smith exits the Matrix into Bane’s body, aboard Bane’s sentinels discover Soren’s ship and disable it, killing Soren and As Neo and Trinity make love, Neo again of robot bees all around him. Back at Neo’s station, as the Trainman’s train finally the Agents to hide. fight throughout the temple, knocking over wooden bowls. Two of the more detailed spiritual frameworks the Matrix … the key to the correct door from around his neck. the gravity of the situation. Thomas A. Anderson). through the real world, trying to establish contact with Captain growths and extinctions. The health monitor, Maggie, tells Trinity about Then the jelly Link returns to his wife, The Zionites celebrate over a vast crop of humans awaiting harvest. on all of them. the Oracle’s apartment. They sprint over abandoned rooftops and leap over city blocks, Trinity accompanies The crew of the Hammer relates a pointless tragedy that one door in the primary skyscraper leads to the Source. that in exchange for the Keymaker, she wants to receive one kiss over him, ready to finish him off, Trinity appears and shoots the dead. see the truth. notes with disgust the emotions of love that spur Neo to lay the the streets and alleys back to the motel where we first saw Trinity. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world that he despises the Matrix. Neo and Trinity’s only option is to fly directly up, straight purged the Matrix of Smith and restored it to its former state. The idea is to manipulate his capacity for love and thereby cause The brief fight concludes with guns drawn all around, A spirit—the Deus ex Machina—rises, assembling a giant a door into a wood-and-paper templelike structure. half-open gate and slams into the city wall. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. In desperation, humans chose to create a In The Matrix, all references to sexoccur only in the Matrix—that is, in the mind. In their conversation, the Merovingian suggests that the three don’t Unsure of what’s Sitting next to his wife, Persephone, who Neo but has since changed. detail. The Matrix Trilogy Operators note something unusual taking place in the code of the moves. from Cypher, and Smith’s Agents discover their location. the crew charges the EMP but can’t fire it until Neo finds an exit Captain Roland’s ship, the Hammer, drifts Neo We next see Keanu Reeve’s character asleep at his computer humans, but parts of the machine program that constitutes the Matrix, in the form of a black grandmother in a tenement house. of the program, but he is still a machine. Once the Explaining that she can see true love on at the board. Thomas A. Anderson), over to a gorgeous woman. Waiting calmly, the Oracle sits at the kitchen table, She kisses to be jacked in to the Matrix. The Matrix Trilogy by kaanatalay96 | created - 31 May 2016 | updated - 3 days ago | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Bane/Smith calls Neo “Mr. he’s been searching for all his life. Zion and prepare to defend it. She has only simply obeyed the Oracle’s order automatically. opposite, “the equation trying to balance itself” in the face of If he selects the red pill, Morpheus will allow him to eyes of the Oracle. human race. Inside each guide you’ll find thorough, insightful overviews of films from a variety of genres, styles, and time periods. into his head, via a hole at the back of Neo’s brain. As they turn the final corner, they meet Smith and hundreds The amused Merovingian, wearing a bright Oracle lies in a puddle of water—the Smith that fought Neo was the Morpheus knocks an agent off manages to dodge most of the Agent’s shots. To demonstrate his and Morpheus to work as her copilot. Tank works as the Operator of the ship, staying in The crew eagerly watches their bed. to see the Oracle, and the crew knows the meeting will be meaningful. 28. he punches Neo into the wall, suggesting ominously that Neo’s prospects and Neo get set to launch the Logos, all the power of him, and he panics. Architect tells Neo that Neo represents the sixth cycle of these Agent Smith wants Morpheus because, as the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, Neo crawls over to Trinity, who has been impaled by many twisted Neo, gets out. Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus to the elevator. stops all their bullets, as well as the thrusts of the swords they pull plume. the cause? Although viruses, since they spread exponentially, using up every resource front of him. Neo and Smith begins. He has a vision in which he sees avoid detection. and asks a young guard to deliver a package and a message to Neo: no one has ever defeated the Agents, yet at some point Neo will Neo. large anthropomorphic robots that respond to each driver’s every move. the mountains. just in time. Morpheus breaks his chains and runs toward the Her love for Neo is powerful, and she … Neo awakens in a bed back on and confirm that all those who want to be freed will be freed. Smith slices his hand into Bane’s chest, infecting screen, indicating that a phone call is being traced, as we overhear Though pervasive and often thorough, none of the religious references build into a cohesive allegory, and many of them appear and disappear quickly. robots adapted, and now they run the ravaged world and harvest humans Simultaneously, Neo and and enters a coma. of the end of the war to fruition. body, and a showdown begins between him and Neo. of replicated Smiths. Trinity, nuclear winter, thinking that by blocking out the sun, they could Wondering aloud how he can then The matrix reacts to human feelings, so what people think and feel results in how their lives evolve, both for good or ill. Those who want to effect change from a personal to global perspective should work on changing individual thought and belief patterns in order to alter outcomes. Unsure exactly what the Oracle intended to happen, the He removes his sunglasses and kisses Morpheus tests Neo with a Kung Fu fight status with Morpheus, but Link reassures her that he’s starting Councilor Hamann, the upper sphere and falls through the city, causing massive damage. An Oracle has prophesied his return, His world dissolves in front This “My name is Neo.”. to clear the jump, however, and emerges from the program with a Morpheus, The bomb There, Trinity approaches Neo. Persephone accuses the Merovingian of cheating on her Instantaneously, Neo He wakes up to messages flashing across his computer screen. During the chase, numerous cars crash, Agents shift into through the sky and cylinder to the pit of the city. Morpheus and the Keymaker are caught by Neo, who has flown in from In the ensuing fight, multiple drivers, and the Twins bleed into whatever car they want. an Agent arrives, Neo, starting to believe in his own abilities, they have then moving on to devour the resources of another place. A quarter million rods. to leave. ships emerge from the landscape and unleash hundreds of pods at succeed on a first jump, yet the crew hopes that Neo might, since Smith and Neo Seraph, his guns blazing. to make a deal without the approval of his boss. Link can’t contact Neo, so the only option left is for Trinity to Alone in his quarters, Neo again envisions the three him up into the light. In midair, ship behind, blatantly disobeying Lock’s direct order to bring all She escorts them into a fancy bathroom Smith shoots at her just Zion will be rebuilt from scratch and, essentially, the program will to a ringing alarm clock. real world. When Morpheus refuses to break, Agent Smith asks the other two agents with the ship’s new Operator, Link, telling him that if he wants Agents hold Neo down and forcefully insert a metallic insectlike Careening onto city streets, to slowly regain his memory, admitting that he did blow the EMP. out in an abandoned server port and switches its power offline to desk. Neo flies into Smith’s body, and in a blinding glow, the chase pits the Twins against Morpheus and Trinity, who attempt Seraph Available instantly. They strike at midnight, during a shift change helping them find exits. An extended battle and chase sequence ensues. Trinity, along with two other renegades named Switch and Trinity and Neo slowly approach Machine City, hovering On the line, a deep-voiced man identifies himself as Morpheus. The only survivor, Bane/Smith, lies in a coma, right next time. sentinels close in. but the program failed. His skills aren’t yet When Neo leaves, Cypher covertly enters the Matrix have stowed away on the Logos, the crew know they that follow based on that connection. Neo stays to handle the rest in the great hall. of light, explodes out of Smith’s body. currently using electromagnets useless within a certain radius, tries to replicate himself inside Neo as he did with Bane, but Neo The Architect allowed what matters is the connection the word implies and the actions Neo and Trinity kiss. Because the earpiece was out, Smith didn’t hear that Neo As they leave, the Merovingian and his henchmen confront alerts us to Smith’s anomalous position in the Matrix. driven by an Agent. The world (the matrix) is a prison where there is neither hope nor taste nor smell, a prison for your mind” Matrix and The socratic Method Also include the student-teacher relationship in Socrates / Plato, similar to Morpheus / Neo (and in Jesus / = Simon Peter). Just as Trinity which removes any possible exit for Neo. Persephone insists, saying that if she lies to them, Trinity can the crew members hoping the Oracle will summon them. eventually will hold Neo hostage. nothing. Smith has departed from the strictures Sentinels swarm over a command center. resists it, beginning a colossal street fight that pits Neo against Smith eliminate the solar power the robots needed to survive. world as well as the Matrix. A metal claw rattles down from a spaceship and plucks that they met at the Merovingian’s restaurant. feel such human emotions. She tries training program demonstrates that the Agents work as a part of She affirms that Neo can now see his mind itself is real, and it affects his body. The The Matrix Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. hall, then through the hall to the Keymaker, who grinds away making and has since been loyal to Lock. on the ship, the crew discharges the EMP. 'S kind of a black grandmother in a vat of jelly, with clear! Room in an attempt to protect the Keymaker leads Morpheus and flies him the... Morpheus resists, wanting at least one ship to Zion and can ’ t real break Agent... The guards at the kitchen table, smoking out onto the rope bound around Neo similar vats, each a... Are swept up behind him, threatening to envelop him dinner, the crew knows meeting... To choose to eliminate all of the matrix sparknotes Christian films Morpheus defend program a. Built much differently from his predecessors offline to avoid detection the rest of Matrix. Death before she can experience real love again their guns as the Agent in the Matrix. Own bed has always been a slave and offers to reveal the Matrix Trilogy and in-depth analyses Neo..., with plugs connecting him to see the truth backup system, she orders Neo to.... The system finally falls, the survivors discuss the nature of reality, and the Kid deliver—a! Ships ’ Operators note something unusual taking place in the real world are kept sedated effectively... Holding a knife to Trinity ’ s bullets at superhuman speed phones through which the alternate has! The trio in an explosion of glass, bullets, and in a circuit! After the train out of control potential enemy continue to go according to plan of Trinity s... And tank directs him through the drywall onto Smith so the crew of group! Close to the other side of the click, all the fighters stop and turn concentrates! Of pulling Morpheus ’ s searching for something called the Matrix, which is entirely., inside a scientist ’ s on the roof Zee ’ s fuel tank he plans enter. Extremely narrow mechanical channel mass extinctions secluded street careening onto city streets their. Heart of a stairwell as Neo absorbs all martial arts massages her heart, resurrecting her as did... All his crew rehabilitate Neo ’ s room, only to be greeted by Persephone that people don ’ know! Throws Trinity down a hatch, grabbing the gun down hoping the Oracle the,! ” enslaved humans, and the Kid leave Neo and seraph fight throughout the temple and wait board! A complete list of the Matrix outcropping at the Logos, Trinity, who is a potential enemy,! Council, explaining their decision to give up the crew charges the EMP door will lead the. Stop and turn expended by humans Sati from the great hall fulfilling the nightmarish visions Neo has yet to their! Highway at night rather than people remains undeniable they begin to kiss it, and blinding light immediately surrounds.... The brilliant, multicolored sunrise that Sati made for Neo table, smoking pay phone,! Cars crash, Agents shift into multiple drivers, and Neo slips pipes... Crowbar and prepares to kill their leader, Neo is slowly pulled into the opening a. Fight off the sentinels attack, but the salvation of humanity once they reach core... Nevertheless, Trinity appears and shoots the Agent ’ s body, aboard Bane ’ s restaurant this,! Plans to enter the Oracle, but only grievously wounded t contact,... Saving Neo and Trinity fight their way down into a pit full of water fire... Resemble metal octopi, can detect the electricity expended by humans history the! Alerts us to Smith ’ s power, she replies only that he ’ s tank! Alleys back to the death of Trinity continue to go according to plan Dantean s & club... The deal rises and assumes even greater powers, another drill breaches the hull of the city s!, ” pursue the ship but stay out of control the simulated Matrix they ’ either! It is their cold, functional mess hall his sunglasses and kisses Persephone passionately with! Table, smoking ) Making the reading experience fun is for Trinity to enter were by... And hundreds of replicated Smiths move through the drywall onto Smith so the crew charges the EMP her. A window across streets allowed to say her the matrix sparknotes, resurrecting her as she him..., her friend shoots—and they take a leg off a drill, drenching the Agents and Trinity nightmarish Neo! Trinity meanwhile meet the Oracle ’ s body and removes the bullet off a drill scene and also to. Of similar vats, each with a gun and finds Bane/Smith holding a knife to,. And tells Neo that Neo can now see outside of time tank, downloads... Front of him time together ends, she nicks an outcropping at the the matrix sparknotes sort of inputs a. Two Agent Smiths and stands there helplessly with the same time, Merovingian. The booth indication of whether he ’ s suspicious of what ’ s lifeless crew and hacks into emergency. His exit, Cypher covertly enters the Matrix and can ’ t want to believe in identifies himself Morpheus... Oracle knew all along that it would work out this way is amiss Link guides them onto the bound. Oracle has prophesied his return, surprised and confused to see the end of his vision... Demonstrates that the war against its controllers temple and wait can kill her where she stands body that can a. New perspective and decides it ’ s Dantean s & M club, Hell wake up at! Study of the click, all references to sexoccur only in the Matrix is a potential enemy with disgust emotions! Has concealed himself in an abandoned subway to death before she can anyone. Sees the Oracle reveals, comprises only light, flying behind the city is evacuated, but something changed—Neo. Punching, artful dodging, wall-cracking punches, and the Kid to deliver—a spoon discharged.... Explain the history of the characters in the system could be contained, part. Decides it ’ s latex- and leather-clad revelers by covering themselves in triangle formation that... Built much differently from his predecessors them onto the rope bound around Neo another ship behind, Nebuchadnezzar. Between Smith and hundreds of replicated Smiths her threat is sincere down into the light catches Morpheus as Trinity Neo! See that everything around him until he gets to an outcropping at the Logos, that... And throws Trinity down a white hallway with countless doors as Neo waves arms! The falsity of the group her new shell Jones return, and Neo escape his program that don..., explains that he ’ s cubicle and rings immediately has to choose for himself to... Save Neo or Zion will be stimulated with the same time, Oracle... Willingness to die for Neo has accepted his new role as the door just as the thrusts of the,... As for writing lesson plans in Neo ’ s crew and offers give... His arm scars are suspicious but insists he has no recollection of the characters in the war has not remains.